Calauag House

Calauag House

It was the summer house of Tomas Morato Sr. originally located in Calauag Quezon. Built in 1920 with excellent lumber, its transplantation in Sitio was a fulfilling undertaking, our pride, and joy.

President Manuel L. Quezon frequented the house alighting from the PNR train that would make a special stop in front of the property. The house was on a hilltop and was looking forward the Calauag Bay.

A few upgrades have been introduced to the house. Colored glass on top of the window replacing the capiz, a landing in the front door before the stairs, glass doors at the rear for more light, new Calados as none was left, an additional set of stairs to access the second floor, removed one post in the middle of the living room.

The ground floor was typical-earth. Playground for the children. It is now the dining area for our guests. It is also perfect for a Filipiniana inspired wedding complete with calados, colored glass panels, capiz doors, cantoreras, colored lanterns, and hand made baldoza tiles. Complemented with beautiful landscaping, one can lose track of time in this area

Cheers to our engineers and craftsmen, we can still enjoy the grandeur of the past.