Located between San Cristobal Mountain and the mystical Mt. Banahaw, the Sitio de Amor Farm Resort keeps you completely relaxed.

But mini aviaries housing wild doves and Bengala pheasants, horse rides that take you around a relaxing tour of the orchards, a koi pond blanketed by water lilies spice up the delightful life at the Sitio.

The infinity pool overlooks a bubbling creek. Whether swimming solo or with a group of loved ones, the infinity pool offers the perfect trinity – an amazing view, restful waters and muted conversations with yourself or with the ones you love.

The design of the Lagoon assures privacy for guests out to enjoy a refreshing swim. One distinct feature of the Lagoon is that the source of the water is from the overflow of the San Pablo water system, passing through the Sitio’s own water filtration, assuring guests that the Lagoon’s water is fresh, crystal clear and clean.

The grand Pavilion, with its magnificent vintage chandelier, is used to hold big parties and events. It is a perfect venue for dream weddings, conferences, birthday parties and seminars. It has lounging areas accentuated with pieces of furniture made from old wood and beautifully crafted.

“I wanted a place that was quiet. We discourage karaoke and television, as much as possible. I want the guests to explore the orchard, to find their own private nooks where they can read and sleep, where the kids can just run around unafraid, where the spouses can talk or meditate or be alone and separate for a while. A place where you’re not compelled to do anything, where it’s possible to just do nothing,”

Jorge and Amor Bondad, owners